ResoNations 2013: International Concerts for Peace A September 11 Concert of Remembrance, Healing, and Creating Peace

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September 11, 2013  7:00PM
Location: BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center, Theater 2
199 Chambers Street, New York, New York 10007
Admission: $10  Ticket Office: 212-220-1460
Online Tickets and Information:

Gaida, Syrian vocalist
Jane Ira Bloom, soprano saxophone
Joe McPhee, trumpet, saxophone
Oliver Lake, alto saxophone
Dave Taylor, bass trombone
George Ziadeh, oud
Mark Dresser, bass
Zafer Tawil, nay, frame drum, riqq, dumbek
Sarah Weaver, conductor, composer

Featuring renowned Jazz and Arab musicians in premieres of solo, duo, trio, and ensemble works for peace. This concert on September 11 is in remembrance, healing, and creating peace for our future, invoking the creative spirit of the music for inner and international peace. “ResoNations”, meaning “to resonate nations”, is a series since 2009 with concerts at the United Nations and international sites.

1. Solo – Mark Dresser, bass
2. Duo – Jane Ira Bloom, soprano saxophone, Gaida, Syrian vocalist
3. Duo – Dave Taylor, bass trombone, Zafer Tawil, nay, frame drum, riqq, dumbek
4. Trio – Joe McPhee, trumpet, saxophone, Oliver Lake, alto saxophone, George Ziadeh, oud
5. Full Ensemble – “Water of Peace/Ma’a Al-Salam ماء السلام ” by Sarah Weaver

With support from Liminal Music, Inc.
Contact: Sarah Weaver <>

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