As Leader/Co-leader

GUTS CD/DVD :: ‹ buy ›
Kadima Collective 2010
Deep Tones for Peace CD/DVD :: ‹ buy ›
Kadima Collective 2010

Unveil :: ‹ buy ›
Mark Dresser, Solo bass
Clean Feed 2005

Aquifer :: ‹ buy ›
Mark Dresser Trio
Cryptogramophone 2002

Marinade :: ‹ buy ›
Tzadik 2000

Eye’ll Be Seeing You :: ‹ buy ›
Knitting Factory Works 1998

Banquet :: ‹ buy ›
Tzadik 1997

Invocation :: ‹ buy ›
Knitting Factory Works 1995

Force Green :: ‹ buy ›
Soul Note 1995

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari :: ‹ buy ›
Knitting Factory Works 1994

Bass Excursions (Dresser/Wolfe)
1983 (cassette)

Soul to Soul :: ‹ buy
Remi Alvarez & Mark Dresser
Discos Intolerancia 2010

Live at Lotus CD :: ‹ buy ›
Vinny Golia / Mark Dresser
Kadima Collective 2010

The Beautiful Enabler ‹ buy ›
Clean Feed 2008

Live In Concert :: ‹ buy
Mark Dresser and Denman Maroney
Kadima Collective 2008

House of Mirrors ‹ buy ›
Mark Dresser, Ed Harkins, Steven Schick
Clean Feed 2008

Big Picture
Trio M
Cryptogramphone 2007

Air Walkers
Mark Dresser and Roswell Rudd
Clean Feed 2006

Time Changes
Mark Dresser, Denman Maroney
Cryptogramophone 2005

Tone Time
Mark Dresser & Susie Ibarra
Wobbly Rail 2003

Nine Songs Together
Ray Anderson & Mark Dresser
CIMP 2003

Mark Dresser and Denman Maroney
Victo 2001

Frances Marie Uitti and Mark Dresser
Cryptogramophone 2000

Marks Brothers
Mark Dresser and Mark Helias
Werf 2000

Live at the Knitting Factory Volume 1
A & M 2000

Live in Europe
Mark Dresser/Mark Feldman/Ernst Reijseger
Avant 1996

Tambastics Tambastics
Music and Arts 1992

Live at the Knitting Factory Volume 2
Fred Frith, Mark Dresser, Ikue Mori
A & M 1992

As Sideman

with Arcado String Trio Mark Dresser/Mark Feldman/Hank Roberts Trio
Double Trio – Arcado and the Trio du Clarinettes
Enja- 1995
For Three Strings and Orchestra
JMT 1991
Behind the Myth
JMT 1990
JMT 1989

with Ray Anderson Harrisburg Halflife
Moers Records 1980
What Because
Enja 1991
Blues Bred in the Bone
Gramavision 1989
It Just So Happens
Enja 1987

with Tim Berne Sanctified Dreams
CBS 1987
Fractured Fairy Tales
JMT 1990
Caos Totale
JMT 1991
Diminutive Mysteries
JMT 1993
Nice View
JMT 1993

with Bobby Bradford Lost in L.A.
Soul Note 1983

with Gregg Bendian Counter Currents
CIMP 1996

with Greetje Bijma Barefoot
Enja 1993

with Jane Ira Bloom Like Silver, Like Song
Artist Share 2005
Chasing Paint
Arabesque 2002
Sometimes the Magic
Arabesque 2000
The Red Quartets
Arabesque 1999

with Salvatore Bonafede For the Time Being
Cam Jazz 2005

with Anthony Braxton Anthony Braxton Quartet-(Santa Cruz)
Hat Art 1997
Anthony Braxton Quartet (Victoriaville)
Victo 1992
Anthony Braxton/The London Concert
Leo 1985
Anthony Braxton Quartet/Birmingham
Leo 1985
Anthony Braxton Quartet/Coventry
West Wind 1985
Anthony Braxton Quartet/Five Compositions
Soul Note 1986
Anthony Braxton Quartet/Willisau
Hat Art 1992
Anthony Braxton Quartet/If My Memory Serves Me Right
West Wind
Anthony Braxton Quartet/Twelve Compositions
Music and Arts 1994

with Don Byron Don Byron Plays the Music of Mickey Katz
Live at the Knitting Factory vol 3

with Eugene Chadbourne Pain Pen
Avant 2000

with Chien-Yin Chen Purr
Tzadik 2003

with Marilyn Crispell Live at the Kitchen
Leo 1991

with Anthony Davis The Life and Times of Malcolm X
Gramavision 1992

with Dave Douglas Parallel Worlds
Soul Note 1993
Avant 1997

with Andrew Drury A Momentary Lapse
Innova 2003

with Ellery Eskelin Vanishing Point
Hat Art 2000

with Satoko Fujii Illusion Suite
Libra CD 2005
Bell the Cat
EWCD 2000
Tzadik 1999
Toward – To West
Enja 1998
Looking Out of the Window
Nippon Crown Records 1997

with Osvaldo Golijov Ayre
Deutsche Grammophon 2005
EMI Classics 2002

with Gerry Hemingway Down to the Wire
Hat Art 1992
Demon Chaser
Hat Art 1993
Marmelade King
Hat Art 1995
Random Acoustics 1995
Perfect World
Random Acoustics 1996
Johnny’s Corner Song
Auricle 1998
Chamber Works
Tzadik 1999
Devil’s Paradise
Clean Feed 2003

with Francois Houle In The Vernacular
Song Lines 1998

with Jason Hwang The Unfolding Stone
Sound Aspects 1988

with Klaus Konig The Song of Songs
ENJA 1993
Time Fragments
ENJA 1995

with Carlo Alessandro Landini Carlo Alessandro Landini, “Periklasis per clarinetto e contrabbasso,” Rugginenti 1999

with Steve Lehman Interface
Clean Feed 2004

with Joe Lovano Flights of Fancy, Trio Fascination edition two
Blue Note 2001

with Denman Maroney Fluxations
New World 2003

with Sato Michihiro Rodan
Hat Art 1989

with Alexandra Montano Reflejo Medieval
One Soul 2005

with James Newton Binu-Circle 1978

with Kevin Norton Integrated Variables
CIMP 1996
Change Dance
Barking Hoop 2001

with Bob Ostertag Say No More
RecDec 1993
Say No More Live
Transit 1994
Rasatscan 1996
Verbatim, Flesh and Blood
Seeland 1999

with Ivo Perelman Double Trio, Suite for Helen F.
Boxholder 2003

with Herb Robertson Elaboration, NY Downtown Allstars
Clean Feed 2005

with Mick Rossi One Block from Planet Earth
Omni Tone 2004

with Ned Rothenberg & Paul Dresher Opposites Attract
New Worlds

with Ned Rothenberg Power Lines
New World

with Bernadette Speach REFLECTIONS
Mode 2001

with Yale Strom Cafe Jew Zoo
Naxos World 2003
Garden of Yidn
Naxos World 2001
Hot Pastrami:With A Little Horseraddish on the Side
Global Village 1995

with Eric Watson Silent Hearts
Free Flight Records 1999
Full Metal Quartet
Owl Records 2000

with John Zorn Cobra
Tzadik 2003
Spy vs Spy- Elektra Musician Film Works (1986-1990)
Total Loss-Tribute to Misha Mengelberg
October Meeting 1987
Eva 1993
Bar Kokhba
Tzadik 1997