TINES of CHANGE CD on Pyroclastic Records

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Tines of Change on Pyroclastic Records is the sixth solo recording by Mark Dresser. Best Jazz Releases May 2023: Mark Dresser Tines of Change Mark Dresser Tines of Change (Pyroclastic Records) “In this breathtaking solo recording by bassist Mark Dresser, he once again uses his innovative approach, distinctive voice, extensive techniques, and unconventional sound production to explore the instrument’s sonic …

MODICANA – solo bass

Mark DresserAlbums Release

Modicana Featuring: Mark Dresser Musicians on the recording Mark Dresser – bass Recording track list SIDE A INVOCATION UMEA FOR GLEN MOORE THREADED SIDE B HOBBY LOBBY HORSE MODICANA TEATRO GRECO MODICANA SHAKERATU NON ZUCCHERATU MODICANA PANETTIERE NoBusiness Records NBLP 109 Release year – 2017 Edition of 300 copies Credits and release info All compositions by Mark Dresser (Del Dresser …

Mark Dresser Seven – Sedimental You (Cleanfeed) November 2016

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Sedimental You is a collection of seven works for seven handpicked musicians: Michael Dessen, Nicole Mitchell, Joshua White, Marty Ehrlich, David Morales Boroff and Jim Black. I am grateful to their generous musicality and invention. The CD title is not a misspelling of “sentimental,” but rather plays with the idea of ‘layering’ musical qualities. This collection of compositions seeks to …

Jones Jones – Live in Moscow

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Mark Dresser, Bass / Vladimir Tarasov, Percussion / Larry Ochs, Sopranino and Tenor Saxophones Three long-time masters of the improvised music world team up here for genuinely touching, meditative sets of improvised music. The trio first performed as a unit in 2006 in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the concert was very special; unusual, unique, and leaderless sound-explorations among …

SLM Ensemble: SOURCE – Liminal Music

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NEW RELEASE: SOURCE Available in Compact Disc, High Resolution Digital Download, and High Resolution Flash Drive Formats. Click Here to Purchase: Liminal Music Label Store Track 1: Spectral Syn Mark Dresser and Sarah Weaver, composers SLM Ensemble: Jen Shyu, voice, Robert Dick, flute, Jane Ira Bloom, soprano saxophone, Marty Ehrlich, saxophone, Julie Ferrara, oboe, Sara Schoenbeck, bassoon, Dave Taylor, bass trombone, …

Mark Dresser / Nicole Mitchell / Myra Melford / Michael Dessen: Virtual Tour: A Reduced Carbon Footprint Concert Series

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In April 2013, a quartet of renowned composer-improvisers—Mark Dresser, Nicole Mitchell, Myra Melford and Michael Dessen—performed an unprecedented “virtual tour” of new music conceived for world-class musicians performing together live in different geographic locations via Internet2. Building on years of prior telematic collaborations and using high-speed bandwidth available only at research and educational institutions, Virtual Tour linked performers and audiences …

Simon Nabatov / Mark Dresser “Projections” on Clean Feed

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When two master musicians meet in duo for the first time, the artistic expectations are immense. “Projections” is a historic musical encounter, the very first duo concert by pianist Simon Nabatov and double bassist Mark Dresser that is astounding in empathetic communication, musical range and dynamic interchange. Both men share the same rare characteristics – to highly structure while improvising …

Nourishments – Mark Dresser Quintet

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Rudresh Mahanthappa alto saxophone / Michael Dessen trombone / Denman Maroney hyperpiano Mark Dresser double bass / Tom Rainey drums (1, 2, 3, 5) / Michael Sarin drums (4, 6, 7) 1. Not Withstanding / 2. Canales Rose / 3. Para Waltz 4. Nourishments / 5. Aperitivo / 6. Rasaman / 7. Telemojo Not Withstanding composed by Mark Dresser (Del …

Skaller/Holt: Music of Mark Dresser

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Pianists Phil Skaller and Danny Holt will release a CD of my music next month arranged for two pianos on the pfMENTUM label. “Music of Mark Dresser” Skaller/Holt duo Philip Skaller and Danny Holt, pianos, celeste, toy piano, melodica, percussion All compositions by Mark Dresser (Del Dresser Music/ASCAP) Arrangements by Philip Skaller and Danny Holt