Nice review of our trio CD “Equal Poise” with Simon Nabatov, and Dominik Mahnig, by Gert Derkx on the Dutch blog Opduvel.

Mark DresserReviews

In English:

Halfway through last year the album was released ‘Projections’ of Russia, in Germany, to dwell pianist Simon Nabatov and American bassist Mark Dresser. “Projections” was recorded on May 31, 2014 in the LOFT in Cologne and on the same day is also “Equal Poise ‘down which the two experienced jazz musicians assisted by the young Swiss drummer Dominik Mahnig.

Nabatov and Dresser are so experienced that the setting in which they did not play their instrument seems to matter. Adaptability is phenomenal, but both also press undeniably their own (way) mark on the musical event. Fortunately does Mahnig on this record: he is remarkably present and plays in the service of the harmony of the trio.

The title ‘Equal Poise “is well chosen: there is equilibrium between the three musicians and the music they produce. As in the liner notes to the album is expressed, there are no predictable solo spots, no ego trips, no discernible stylistic dogma, only make the pure joy of the music of three like-minded souls. The trio makes these words completely true, but it also leads to interesting music? Well, you bet.

Triplet can superficial listening jazz sometimes neat, even elegant sound like the piano sounds in the opening of Full Circles, but tension built up and discharged and there is room for disruption. The musical structure is not free but loose and the game view is as free as possible within this loose structure. Excesses come welcome moments and tackle invariably paid off.

The technical skills of these three musicians are, not surprisingly. Nabatov plays with apparently playful ease one after another sparkling piano tune, thereby laying a refined sense of melody to the day. The dynamics in his playing is matchless; he knows, always well placed, firm and recover percussive, but even in those passages he shows his melodic class.

Dresser shows just like in ‘Projections’ highly versatile and accommodating as well as oppositional. His warm, round tone alternates with capricious bass-game. Mahnigs drumming is inventive without being too flashy; he uses the capabilities of the full drum kit and he also uses some attributes, but it is not a musical box of tricks which he opens.

Five pieces Equal Poise “and knows all five shows the trio how resourceful it makes music, how well they listen to each other and give each other space, all in order to achieve the best possible sound together as a trio. Of course there are here and some brief solo and duospots but which are ultimately in the service of the common game. The interaction is truly fabulous and Equal Poise ‘after’ Projections’, and with many thanks to Mahnig, the second grandiose CD Nabatov and Dresser in a few months time.