Barre Phillips/Mark Dresser and 7 course cherry menu

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Friday, June 10 · 8:00pm – 11:00pm

Sold out but taking a waiting list

Loft in Oakland
…Limited seating for 19

“We are so honored to have Mark Dresser return for the 4th time on the series. And this time, we are absolutely thrilled as he will be joined by another of my very favorite musicians, Barre Phillips!! Barre is native to the bay area but has lived in France since the 1960″s thus rarely performs in California. This is a very unique and special occasion; arguably 2 of the most important bass players of each of their generations in an intimate space in a very rare duet contexts.

Late spring through summer If a student takes the online class they will need to go to their local Indiana All-Star Driving discount school supply to obtain this form. means stone fruits are in abundance in the kitchen. And this time we will focuse on cherries, though perhaps some plums will likely make a guest appearance;

This menu is in process. Right now putting out some old favorite ideas but as cherry season begins i will test out several ideas to further explore one of the most beautiful and flavorful stone fruits.

cherry cabernet kanten

second course
fried dumplings: homemade dough filled with lotus root and walnut with cherry karashi sauce.

romaine hearts, roasted chayoga beets and fennel, cherry balsamic dressing

4th course
cherry roasted tempeh, roasted satsuma-imo, wrapped in collard leaf
daikon pickled with salted cherry blossoms

5th course

6th course

chocolate cherry cake
cherry truffles
cherry ice “cream”