Mark Dresser Lecture and Performance Iceland Saturday and Sunday the 11th and 12th

Mark DresserOnTour

On Saturday August 11, 5pm at the Nordic
Enjoy a visit from one of contemporary music´s most important double bass players. Mark Dresser will perform solo and with guest artists in the Nordic House on Saturday August 11th at 17.00. He will also play and talk about his music at a special double bass event the following Sunday, presented by the Iceland Academy of the Arts. Everyone welcome!

Mark’s discography is spectacular to say the least but he is best known for his nine year association with the legendary multi reed virtuoso and composer Anthony Braxton. He has for years nurtured an artistic obsession and commitment to expanding the sonic and musical possibilities of the double bass through the use of unconventional amplification and extended techniques. Mark’s compositions are also numerous and feature both his own ensembles as well as various other artists on releases in Europe as well as North America and the Far East. He is a prolific lecturer at the highest level of musical instruction in the world with engagements at Julliard, National Superior Conservatory in Paris, New England Conservatory and many more. He has also written award winning scores to classic silent movies (The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari/Un Chien Andalou).