Mark Dresser Solo – Sonic Cuisine – House Concert

Mark DresserOnTour

Mark Dresser – Solo Concert, a House Concert at Harry Bernstein’s

“I have been playing solo bass concerts since 1983. Every year I look for something new to explore;  new sounds, adaptive electronics to amplify otherwise unheard frequencies, or new compositions. Since 2002 I’ve been collaborating with my dear friend, luthier Kent McLagan who built me custom made pick-ups into the neck of my instrument and recently a new instrument that I’ll be playing for this concert. For the last year and a half we’ve been working on what is currently a prototype for a new adaption; a set of tuned metal tines, that are attached to the bridge of the bass. You’ll soon hear what has been the object of my latest obsession.

This summer I was invited to partake in an arts residency in Sicily through the organization whose theme was Arte Digiribile or Digestible Arts. This proposal was easy for me to write, as food and music have been a theme for several of my compositions, including “The Banquet,”  “Digestivo,” “Aperitivo,” “Nourishments” as well as a collaboration with a performances chef.  I decided to name my proposal “Sonic Cuisine.”
While in the town of Palazzolo Acreide, outside of Siracusa I composed four new pieces that used the metaphor of the “Modicane,” a Sicilian layered savory pastry, that seemed an apt metaphor for a type of theme and variations. Also relatively recently I’ve composed works for my large ensemble, The Mark Dresser Seven, that have employed sly political titles such as “Hobby Lobby Horse,” and “TrumpinPutinStoopin.”

The idea of “Sonic Cuisine” still seems apt for the solo concert, but the newest works, to be composed in December, 2016, post election, will have more “prescriptive intent.”

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