NewTownPresents: SonicGalleryIV – SpontaneousAdventures

Mark DresserOnTour

Saturday, July14, 2012, 8PM
Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness
2222 Laverna Avenue, Eagle Rock
Embark on an extravagant summer night’s journey into the depths of collective unconscious of 13 of Los Angeles’ greatest musicians. Spontaneity will drive the performance around the room leaving your head spinning from choirs of brass, strings, percussion, voices and electronics, glowing with amazement as solos and ensembles surface and evolve throughout the performing arena. All performers will emerge from the all corners of the Southland area, but when it’s over it’s over … no CD, podcast, .mp3 nor repeat performance. Be a part of history for this once in a lifetime performance.

Dan Clucas, cornet
Michael Vlatkovich, trombone
George McMullen, trombone
Kira Vollman, vocals
Will Salmon, vocals
Kaoru Mansour, vocals
Joe Berardi, percussion
Alex Cline, percussion
Rich West, percussion
Mark Dresser, contrabass
Jessica Catron, cello
Cassia Streb, viola
Lewis Keller, electronics