San Diego Museum of Art: Jazz Residency: Bass is the Space

Mark DresserOnTour

Mark Dresser joined by Bert Turetzky, Joe McNalley, Scott Worthington, Tim McNalley-contrabasses, Jeff Kaiser-video
The contrabass is the fundamental instrument in most genres of music as well as one of the most expressive, rich, and dynamic of solo instruments. From the subsonic to the ultra high registers the bass can project a range of form and feeling from the earthy to the cosmic. Tonight’s concert will explore these qualities and others in solo, duo, and bass quintet.
The ensemble is led by bassist/improviser/composer and UCSD Professor Mark Dresser and features his teacher, the bass innovator, UCSD Professor Emeritus Bert Turetzky and Joe McNalley, the director of the Hutchins Consort which performs music designed for a family of eight scaled violin instruments designed by luthier, Carleen Hutchins. Also performing are bassists, Scott Worthington and Tim McNalley (son of Joe) and both students of Mark.

San Diego Museum of Art 7pm-9pm