San Diego Museum of Art: Jazz Residency: Sound and Image

Mark DresserOnTour

Mark Dresser-bass, Myra Melford-piano, Nicole Mitchell-flutes, Michael Dessen-trombone

Interdisciplinary collaboration has long been a part of Mark Dresser’s artistic practice,
whether it is creating music for historic silent film, composing and performing for living
filmmakers, creating music for sculpture, or performing across geographical borders
via the Internet. Tonight’s performance will use the paintings of the late Don Reich and
the cutting-edge photography of Moses Hacmon’s, Faces of Water to be performed
as graphic scores in a game show like interaction with the audience.  The quartet
consists of four celebrated improviser/composer/performers and University of California
professors. Myra Melford, Nicole Mitchell, Michael Dessen, and Mark Dresser.

San Diego Museum of Art